SINKBANG(Large Quantity Collection System)

We’d like to introduce Large Quantity Collection System of BIUM Ltd.

What is SINKBANG(Large Quantity Collection System)?

Large Quantity Collection System is that once a large quantity of food waste is put in the inlet, it is automatically transported, stored, and discharged to the storage.

Food Waste
SINKBANG(Large Quantity Collection System)

A large quantity food waste bag(80L) is available
to be discharged at once

  • Use of RFID Card
    Only administrator can use with the key card.
  • Transport of Large-quantity Food Waste
    A large quantity of food waste is transported sanitarily.
  • Correspondence to the government policy(RFID volume-rate waste disposal system)
    The cost is charged for the amount of waste by measuring the weight of waste each household disposes.
  • Convenient & Prompt Maintenance
    Administrator can handle the remote control and video monitoring in real-time by smart phone.
Required Installation Space
Applied building
  • Sales Facility – Hwaseong DSR-Project
  • Market – Noryangjin Fish Market
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